KARP 2022 is another unique convergence of contemporary artists and researchers from fifteen countries. This year topic of the project is: “VOICE”.

The main goal of KARP2022 is to look back on what has been done during the residency through an introspective exhibition at the Geothe institution in Lome-Togo and to organize a two weeks residency to give a voice to Karmina radio and artistic creators around the world. The Kamina ruins became a forgotten place removed from the world’s attention. The realization of Art Centre, an Artistic platform has given a new life to the place and has played a major role in history, unveiling Germany’s colonial past and recognizing the diversity of history’s interpretations.

If there are one thing artists, writers, curators and researchers yearn for, it’s a unique voice. Voice is a philosophy or an idea that weaves through and links together a body of works produced by creative inspirers. That thing that makes one unique and authentic to his or her audience. KARP 2022 residency will help creators to find a voice or develop already found voices. It will help artists to examine their work theme, know what their work is about and be aware of the aesthetic being explored. Having an opportunity to participate in KARP2022 RESIDENCY will help the artist and researchers define, refine and find their voice in the contemporary space as they meet different international and local artists around the globe.

Meet all ours participants!

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