This year we received more then 70 applications made by artists from different countries entered the KARP Artist in Residency 2023 program

Artists from 37 countries took part in the competition: India, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Lebanon, Israel, Portugal, Croatia, Benin, Iran, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Spain, Canada, Serbia, Cameroon, Brazil, Sweden, Ireland, Egypt, Switzerland, Congo, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, South Korea, Netherlands, USA, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Israel and Togo.

We are delighted to present you a list of participants of the KARP AiR 2023 program:

Ana Luisa Diaz de Cossio Sanchez (Mexico/USA)

Bruno Zorzal (Brazil)

Reto Steiner (Switzerland)

Stefan Balog (Romania)

Jacopo Mandich (Italy)

Jeremias Heppeler (Germany)

Rojin Shafiei (Iran/Canada)

Bamfo Frederick (Ghana)

Nicolas Kelly (USA)

Matilde Carlesi (Italy)

Daniel de Boer (Netherlands)

Tina Zlatina (Bulgaria)

Akan David (Nigeria)

Mirian Kolev (Bulgaria)

Marilyne Grimmer (France)

Naomi Chillet (France)

Teteh Komlan Agboyibo (Togo)

Iwa Kruczkowska (Poland)

Haifa Safa (Lebanon)

Valentina Stramondo (Italy)

Femi Adebajo (Nigeria)

Jamie McGhee (USA)

Jara Nassar (USA/Germany)


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