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KARP's research and development formats offer artists, researchers across disciplines, a variety of opportunities to engage with local communities and interdisciplinary development. KARP is a versatile, open and communicative space that develops every year, thus giving new challenges with each coming year. This multi-level and flexibility, coupled with professional support resources, gives local and international artists the perfect place to research, test and challenge artistic strategies and practices.


Kamina, a village where the nearest large settlement was Atakpamé in Togo (West Africa), was mainly known for its Funkstation: a shortwave radio transmitter developed during the German occupation of 1911-14. Built by Telefunken, the wireless radio station was designed as a hub and switching point for other German colonial radio stations. Just after the start of World War I, Togoland was invaded by British and French forces from the neighboring Gold Coast (Ghana) and French Dahomey (Benin) colonies. The station was destroyed by its operators to prevent it from falling under British and French control. The Kamina ruins then became a forgotten place removed from the world’s attention.

The realization of the Art Center, the Artistic Platform, breathes new life into a place that has played an important role in world history, revealing Germany’s colonial past and recognizing the diversity of interpretations of history.
The story can be “true” or the one that has been told to us. What is the true story behind the Kamina radio station? Who were the workers forced to build this wireless station? Are they unknown or just forgotten?

The historic heritage is an inspiration and a meeting place for the local community and the international artistic community. A space for a contemporary reinterpretation of historical events that combine different cultures, traditions and stories.

The aim of the project is to create an interdisciplinary art activity for national and international artists in Kamina, Togo.
KARP will become the main place for international communication and exchange, bringing together artists, researchers and educators.
The program will also focus on revitalizing textile and agricultural production by stimulating arts education and promoting local talents, craft skills, traditional forms of architecture and environmental protection.

Meet our group, which has been working on the development of the program on an international scale for years.

Gabriel Aayilleh Ayena

KARP President

Inan Dagoh


Samuel Olou Komlan

Artistic Director, Founder of the KARP platform.

Kojo Biney

IT program coordinator



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