The story can be “true” of the one that has been told to us. What is the true story behind the Kamina radio station? Who were the workers forced to build this wireless station? Are they unknown or just forgotten? Is about time to unearth the true story, for that reason artist and researchers meets to research and unearth the true story behind the History, bring a new life create an art center.
The realization of the Art Center, the Artistic Platform, breathes new life into a place that has played an important role in world history, revealing Germany’s colonial past and recognizing the diversity of interpretations of history.

The historic heritage site of Kamina radio and power station is an inspiration and a meeting place for the local community and the international artistic community. A space for a contemporary reinterpretation of historical events that combine different cultures, traditions and stories.
The aim of the project is to create an interdisciplinary art activity for national and international artists in Kamina, Togo.